Virus sheep?

It’s in the afternoon. Researchers and lab workers leave their workspace. Grab their tea stained mugs. And head to the tea time table. To have a nice cup of tea with colleagues and discuss work and current events.

There was a pandemic going on. COVID-19 is still out there, somewhere, but sheepy viruses are still around. And way cuter than actual viruses…

Essential workers do their jobs. Nurses and doctors work in the hospitals. Research in the labs is more busy than usual. But there is always a break. Tea time.

How to appreciate tea time better than with your personal mug and matching T-shirt? Precisely. It’s going viral. Virus sheep. On a mug. Or shirt.

For all those healthcare workers that fight viruses. Or scientists, researchers and microbiologists working with viruses. Or for just anybody, like most of you, who likes the odd virus sheep.

In these corona times, you’d better have a bit of fun, right? So get your panoramic Virus Sheep Mug, Virus Sheep Mug or Virus Sheep shirt or hoodie!

Virus Sheep – panoramic mug
Virus Sheep – full colour panoramic mug
Virus Sheep – mug
Virus Sheep – women’s premium T-shirt
Virus Sheep – baby T-shirt

I spent some time in the lab as well (and I is David, the Go Baaa! designer). Once upon a time, I studied biology and biomedical sciences at the university. And in the afternoon, at the research department, there was always the tea. You all work in your labs or lab areas, but come together for a social drink. This ritual and tea stained personal mugs is a thing in labs all over the place apparently. It is still happening, but with some social distancing in place.

After I made and publishedLink to an external page in a new window the CoroBaaa! cartoon, I got requests for mugs and T-shirts with that virus sheep. My partner, a microbiologist who works with viruses in a lab that cooperates with the WHO, wanted it. I wanted it as well. I now drink my water – not much of a tea drinker myself – out of a panorama Virus Sheep mug. Nice.

How do you want to dress? Our catch phrase is ‘dress for your inner animal’. In this case ‘dress for your inner virus’ might be a bit to morbid, let’s hope you don’t catch too many viruses (besides in some vials in the lab). We have T-shirts, tops, hoodies. For both adults and kids. And mugs. Because. Tea time! (Disclaimer: works for coffee and water as well)

Virus Sheep – panoramic mug
Virus Sheep – full colour mug
Virus Sheep – men’s T-shirt
Virus Sheep – hoodie unisex